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We in music are like physicists II

"Because music is not just art to entertain, more or less classified for the various social strata. Music is a genuine art of sound vibration. And in that sense, the development of music since 1950 is really radically different from everything that existed before. (.../...) The material must - as far as possible - create its own sound world with each work, that as always been my requirement... by making something unique for each work. The timbres are also no longer decoration, are not just the instrumentation of given harmonic, melodic or rhythmic factors, but rather have their own structural value. In the music that has been composed since 1950, we are like physicists. We discover a completely new world in acoustics and in the art of forming acoustic vibrations: We not only invent, we are discoverers." 

Karlheinz Stockhausen

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